Digital Content Production Consultancy

A new dawn for Digital Content Industry

We are living in an era of unparalleled technological advancement for the Digital Content Industry. Advances in technology are enabling the rise of exponential technologies such as; Artificial Intelligence, 3D/4D Printing, Drones, ICT & Mobile tech, Massive Data Intelligence, VR & AR amongst others. While human beings are linear (we haven’t had a software or hardware update in 50 million years), we are creating technologies that are exponential by taking advantage of all the computing power available to us. Over the next decade, 3 billion new minds will gain access to the Internet and Digital Content. These new minds represent not just trillions of dollars of commerce, but they represent the new visionaries, the disruptors, developers, analysts and the new global community who are going to change the world as we know it.

These factors lead us to a game-changing conclusion: The basis of the Digital Content economy as we have always believed it to be has fundamentally shifted to an information based economy. We believe that companies that know how to take advantage of rising exponential technologies and can set themselves up as exponential organizations to leverage the new information-based global economy, are poised for success. These companies from around the globe will tackle challenges that once were solely in the realm of big corporations.

Fluzo Studios  goal is to help and cooperate with  companies that are not only at the intersection of exponential technologies, but companies that are setup to be exponential organizations – companies that are built from the ground up to take advantage of the shift to an information based economy. Fluzo Studios  infrastructure and experience (more than 15 years)  provides knowledge and resources at various key point aspects (business development, investment, recruitment, legal support, training, toolsets).

How can we help you?


Create the higher aspirational purpose for your company and learn how you can make your idea 10x better than those of your competitors. Develop your roadmap and framework with milestones for achieving your idea’s newfound purpose.


We will help you validate the market fit of your idea using the proper application of tools and procedures to execute these concepts, so that you can be ready  to execute your new business with guarantees.


We can help you understand the proper the tools for your project and develop the mindset to evolve from improvisation, to data-driven decision making. We can help you on  how to manage resources through experimentation and iteration.


We are experts in understanding your target user and customers’ habits to help serve them better and grow your base. Through the concepts of user journeys, growth funnels and other essential growth concepts, will develop with you a holistic growth strategy.


Most likely, your business will have no profit for at least the first 18 months. The right investment strategy will be the key to success. We help you  identify the right investment strategy (private and public) and accompany you to rise your needed funds.


We can also act as a technology providers. Our technology developed through years will give you access to  building  scalable products, focus on your real need and you will have the chance to leverage our 3rd party platforms that will be shared with you.

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    We know Digital Content Industry is a difficult one, whether you are a big corporation or just a start-up and we know you have to use your financial resources in the best way possible.

    We have a powerful business model that will adapt to your financial needs no matter your situation. We offer cooperation in multiples ways (success, fee, equity…) depending on your situation and needs.

    Contact us, you are not going to loose nothing and you can win knowledge and a trustful partner. Other companies have already done this before…